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What sets PT Risk Management apart from other insurers is our ability to keep your business safe from unexpected vulnerabilities, accidents and third-party lawsuits. We do this through personal site inspections, meticulous contract review and by insisting that our clients really understand the importance of safety. We believe that an educated client has a better chance of business success and fulfillment.

We make safety and loss prevention services a top priority for our clients.

Here are just some of the many examples of how these services can improve your profitability and keep your business running strong:

Example 1: Mobile Tanks

Mobile or skid tanks that are loaned or rented to large fuel operations create potential pollution liability exposure. An expert contract review by PT Risk Management could save you from being the responsible party in the event of physical damage to the tanks, or the need for a pollution cleanup.

Example 2: Propane Tank Dispenser Locations

Every LPG dispenser location, new or old, needs to have a written rental agreement that clearly states who’s responsible for the dispenser and the propane dispensed. The agreement should include, among other things, a certificate of insurance with a hold harmless and indemnity clause in favor of the marketer.

Example 3: Data breach

After the widespread—and widely publicized—data breach hit Target, the company’s profits dropped steeply. Not only did consumers lose trust, the chain of stores had to pay huge amounts in damages and maintain costly credit monitoring services. Cyber hacking can impact businesses small and large, as well as affluent individuals. In addition, businesses are facing increasing threats to their data from former employees. Cyber liability coverage should be on every company’s insurance list, and PT Risk Management can get you the right coverage to help keep your reputation intact.

Did You Know?

Sight inspections are one of the best ways to reveal exposures that have been missed and left out of previous coverage. With our “boots on the ground” at an energy transport company, we discovered a storeroom behind the front office filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars of expensive parts and supplies that the owner hadn’t listed. Without our inspection, that inventory would have been vulnerable.

“They work with me hand in glove with advice on preventative loss. They’ve even helped me with situations I didn’t know I were threats — answering questions I didn’t know I needed to know.”

– New Mexico Propane Distributor

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